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Speeds Up DevOps 

Case Study: Investment Firm Speeds Up DevOps with Secure Cloud Migration by Cloudfeds


A leading investment firm sought to streamline their development process and accelerate their DevOps model. While they had successfully optimized their application architecture using Docker containers, their infrastructure remained on-premises, hindering developer agility. Spinning up new microservices locally was resource-intensive, slowing down development cycles. Additionally, IT decision-makers prioritized maintaining or improving their security posture while meeting strict compliance requirements.


In January 2020, the investment firm partnered with Cloudfeds, a cloud migration and management expert, to address these challenges. Cloudfeds designed, built, and automated a secure and compliant infrastructure for the firm's content delivery platform on AWS.

Key Considerations:


By migrating their content delivery platform to a secure and automated AWS environment built by Cloudfeds, the investment firm achieved significant benefits:


This case study demonstrates how Cloudfeds' expertise in cloud migration and secure infrastructure design empowered an investment firm to achieve faster development cycles, enhanced security, and improved compliance through a strategic cloud migration.

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