Li, Cu, Fe, Co, Ti, Ta

Mineral Assets

The Cloud Federation hold mineral rights to 45 mineral blocks across Chile and Peru. The portfolio includes critical minerals essential for clean energy transitions and technological advancements.

Lithium (Li)

Cloud Federations has acquired 10 lithium-rich blocks in Peru and Chile, vital for batteries, electric vehicles, and renewable energy storage. This move supports the global shift towards sustainable energy while highlighting Cloud Federations' commitment to innovation and responsible resource management. By tapping into these resources, Cloud Federations aims to drive cleaner energy adoption and foster economic growth in the regions.

Cobalt (Co)

Cloud Federations has acquired 6 cobalt-rich blocks in Chile, essential for lithium-ion batteries and aerospace alloys. This strategic move supports clean energy and aerospace technology advancements while fostering regional economic development.

Copper (Cu)

Cloud Federations has obtained 10 copper-rich blocks in Chile, crucial for electrical wiring, infrastructure, and electronics. This strategic acquisition supports advancements in electrical systems, infrastructure development, and electronics manufacturing, highlighting Cloud Federations' commitment to innovation and sustainable resource management.

Titanium (Ti)

Cloud Federations has secured 2 titanium-rich blocks in Chile, essential for aerospace, medical implants, and high-strength alloys. This strategic acquisition supports advancements in aerospace technology, medical innovation, and material engineering, underscoring Cloud Federations' commitment to cutting-edge industries and sustainable resource utilization.

Iron (Fe)

Cloud Federations has identified 12 iron-rich blocks in Chile, fundamental for steel production, construction, and manufacturing. This strategic discovery underscores Cloud Federations' dedication to supporting crucial industries and driving economic growth through resource development and utilization.

Tantalum (Ta)

Cloud Federations has secured 3 tantalum-rich blocks, essential for electronics, superalloys, and capacitors. This strategic acquisition reinforces Cloud Federations' commitment to advancing technology and innovation, supporting the electronics industry, and driving advancements in materials science.

For any information regarding Minerals contact-  mines@cloudfeds.com