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Serverless Architecture

Case Study: Liberty Mutual Cuts Costs & Speeds Up Development with Serverless on AWS


Liberty Mutual, a leading insurance provider, grappled with rising operational costs associated with their traditional on-premises infrastructure. This infrastructure demanded significant manual effort for server management tasks, hindering development agility and slowing down time to market for new applications.


To overcome these challenges, Liberty Mutual partnered with Cloudfeds, a cloud migration and management expert. Together, they embarked on a strategic journey to migrate Liberty Mutual's infrastructure to a serverless architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This innovative approach leveraged the following key elements:


The migration to a serverless architecture on AWS yielded significant benefits for Liberty Mutual:


Dave Anderson, Director of Technology at Liberty Mutual, enthusiastically endorsed the success of the project: "Going serverless accelerated our engineering teams. The more we experimented with a serverless mind-set, the more we started to see a flywheel effect where we could deliver value into the hands of our business partners quickly."

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