Serverless Savior - AWS Lambda

Case Study: Nielsen Supercharges Big Data Processing with AWS Lambda

Challenge: Drowning in Data

Nielsen, a global leader in measurement and data analytics, grappled with a massive data deluge. Every day, they were inundated with a staggering 55 terabytes (TB) of data – a treasure trove of consumer purchase information, TV viewership statistics, and other market research insights. Traditionally scaling server infrastructure to handle such an enormous data volume proved expensive, complex, and inflexible.

Cloudfed Solution: The Serverless Savior - AWS Lambda

Cloudfeds, a cloud migration and management expert, partnered with Nielsen to leverage AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service, as the game-changer. Unlike traditional server setups requiring constant provisioning and management, Lambda operates on a pay-as-you-go model. Users simply define the data processing functions they need Lambda to execute, and Lambda flawlessly handles the rest. Here's how Lambda empowered Nielsen:

Results: Big Data, Big Wins

By embracing the power of AWS Lambda, Nielsen achieved remarkable results:

Cloudfed Takeaway: Embrace the Serverless Future

The Nielsen case study exemplifies how serverless architectures can revolutionize big data processing for Cloudfeds. With AWS Lambda, Cloudfeds can achieve:

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